Giuseppe Tartini

(1692 - 1770)

Italian violinist and composer, born in Pirano, Istria (now Piran, Slovenia). He studied in Assisi and in 1721 was appointed solo violinist and conductor of the orchestra at the Church of Saint Anthony in Padua. In 1728 he founded a violin school in Padua. Tartini is considered one of the great masters of the violin. He is credited with the independent codiscovery of combination tones, called Tartini's tones; he observed that a third note is audible when any two notes are produced steadily. He also developed a style of bowing that is still practiced. Tartini composed about 150 concertos and 100 violin sonatas, of which the best known is the posthumously published Devil's Trill. He wrote several theoretical treatises, including The Principles of Musical Harmony (1767; trans. 1771). Read more on Wikipedia.