Jacopo Peri

(1561 - 1633)

Italian composer, pupil of Malvezzi, and singer. Entered service of Medici court 1588 and Mantuan court from early 1600s. Probably one of group of poets and musicians associated in Florence with Jacopo Corsi and Count Bardi in last quarter of the 16th century, and whose interest in reviving elements of German drama led to composition in monodic style of what is regarded as the first opera or musical drama, Dafne (1594-1598), to which Peri contributed the recitatives and some other items in collaboration with Corsi.

This was followed by Euridice (1600), parts of which were composed by Peri's rival Caccini. Peri later wrote other operas, some in collaboration, ballets, madrigals, etc., only a few of which survive. Organist at Badia, Florence, 1579-1606. Read more on Wikipedia.